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September 9, 2022
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Daniel Francis publishes “GaN-on-diamond materials and device”

Daniel Francis publishes “GaN-on-diamond materials and device”
Akash Systems' team

Akash Systems' Daniel Francis Publishes Chapter in New Book

Announcement of Publication

Akash Systems is thrilled to announce that their very own Daniel Francis, Vice President of Materials, published “GaN-on-diamond materials and device,” in a new book, “Thermal Management of Gallium Nitride Electronics.”

About the Book

The newly published book serves as a one-stop reference for compound semiconductor device researchers. Some of the major subjects it explores include technical approaches undertaken by leaders, the challenges they are facing, and technology advances in the field. The book’s authors have deep experience in the field and have performed many ground-breaking experiments that have changed the industry. We’re lucky to have Daniel, a contributor, working with us at Akash Systems to share and grow his expertise.

Daniel's Contribution

Daniel’s chapter is titled “GaN-on-diamond materials and device technology: A review.” It explains why GaN-on-diamond is important, the methods of making it, its thermal and stress characterization, and its electrical and mechanical characterization. A huge congratulations to Daniel for this huge accomplishment! If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out his book here.

About Akash Systems

Akash Systems is a venture-backed San Francisco-based start-up focused on developing radios and satellites with the world’s fastest data speeds that connect all of humanity. The company was founded in 2016 by Felix Ejeckam and Ty Mitchell. For more information, please contact

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