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Chips-on-Diamond: Heightened Performance, Efficiency, and Reliability

Experience the benefits of Diamond Cooling for GPUs, CPUs, and Memory chips

chip circuit
The product

Akash Systems' Chips-on-Diamond integrates the extreme thermal conductivity of diamond with essential computing components: GPUs, CPUs, and Memory, significantly cutting cooling required and decreasing failure rates.

Akash Systems’ GPU-on-Diamond


Temperature Reduction


more compute


Energy Reduction

Chip-on-Diamond Product Datasheet

For a comprehensive overview of Chip-On-Diamond technology specifications and benefits, download the Product datasheet.


Innovation and Technology

We constantly strive to innovate and use technology to improve lives globally.

Exceptional Thermal Management

Maintain cool temperatures for consistent peak performance

Reduced Energy Consumption

Use less energy on cooling systems, reducing power use

Increase Lifespan

Cooler operation minimizes chip wear and tear, extending hardware longevity

Reduce Costs

Save on energy, pricey cooling hardware, and maintenance expenses

chip circuit

The Future of Chips is Diamond Cold

Harness the power of Akash Systems' Chips-on-Diamond, where advanced cooling meets cost efficiency, ensuring your technology thrives in the era of high-speed processing and connectivity.

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We value innovation and creativity. Do you have a groundbreaking idea for Diamond Cooling? Share it with us, and together, we can change the world.


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