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Reducing the Greatest Burden: Heat

Akash Systems’ superior thermal management enables clearer, more accurate, and efficient signal processing for radar technology


Enhance radar capabilities with Diamond Cooling, reducing energy waste and improving sensitivity for advanced detection tasks. Our efficient, high-power radar technology pushes the boundaries of what radar can achieve.

DATA CENTERS with Diamond Cooling


more compute


reduced chip temperature


reduced cooling

$80 billion is Spent Annually to Cool Data Centers. Diamond Cooling Will Change That.

Not only is cooling data centers expensive, but it also consumes a substantial amount of electricity, with 40% of their annual operating electricity budget devoted solely to cooling systems. Diamond Cooling technology addresses this issue directly at the source of the heat: the GPUs, CPUs, and memory chips. By targeting these critical components, Diamond Cooling significantly enhances thermal efficiency, reducing both energy consumption and operational costs.

HAVE AN idea for how Diamond Cooling can change the world?

We value innovation and creativity. Do you have a groundbreaking idea for Diamond Cooling? Share it with us, and together, we can change the world.


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