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Diamond Cooling:
Unleashing deep tech

Akash is a pioneer in thermal management, offering solutions that set the global standard for technology


Heat limits the potential of technology. Diamond Cooling integrates diamonds with semiconductors, combating heat and enabling devices and systems to stay cooler, work more effectively and efficiently, last longer, and cost less.


Chip circuit




Benefits of Diamond Cooling

Compared to traditional materials like silicon (Si), silicon carbide (SiC), and gallium nitride (GaN), diamond stands out with a superior thermal conductivity rating of 10, significantly outperforming its counterparts. This means more efficient heat dissipation, longer device lifespans, and enhanced performance across various sectors.

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Find answers to common questions about Diamond Cooling and Akash Systems' products.

What is Diamond Cooling technology?

Diamond Cooling technology involves using diamond, the most thermally conductive material known, to manage and dissipate heat in electronic devices. By combining diamond with materials that can conduct electricity, like Gallium Nitride (GaN), we create high-performance heat management systems for a variety of applications.

How does Diamond Cooling improve electronic device performance?

Diamond Cooling significantly enhances device performance by improving thermal management. The superior thermal conductivity of diamond pulls heat away from device components quickly and efficiently, allowing devices to operate at higher power levels and more reliable conditions without overheating.

What makes Akash Systems’ Diamond Cooling technology different from other cooling methods?

Unlike traditional cooling methods that often involve bulky heat sinks or active cooling systems, our Diamond Cooling technology is inherently more efficient due to the exceptional thermal properties of diamond. This allows for more compact designs and lower energy consumption while achieving superior cooling performance.

Where can I purchase Akash Systems’ products or learn more about them?

You can learn more about our products and how to purchase them by emailing We are ready to assist you with detailed product information, quotes, and custom solutions tailored to your requirements.


Cool your technology with Diamond Cooling

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