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GPU-on-Diamond: Advanced Cooling for boosted Performance

Experience exponentially increased compute, lower failure rates, and less energy consumption with Diamond Cooling

3 gpu fans

Excessive heat prevents GPUs from reaching their intrinsic limit and requires expensive, complex cooling solutions. Diamond Cooling eliminates the heat at its source.

Akash Systems’ GPU-on-Diamond


temperature Reduction


More compute


Energy Reduction


For a comprehensive overview of GPU-On-Diamond technology specifications and benefits, download the Product datasheet.


Innovation and Technology

We constantly strive to innovate and use technology to improve lives globally.

Achieve Peak Performance

Significantly reduce GPU temperatures, vital for demanding AI computation

Increase Memory

Cooler components prevent memory degradation

Increase Lifespan

Cooler operation minimizes GPU wear and tear, extending hardware longevity

Reduce Costs

Lower energy usage and maintenance expenses, decreases operational costs

HAVE AN idea for how Diamond Cooling can change the world?

We value innovation and creativity. Do you have a groundbreaking idea for Diamond Cooling? Share it with us, and together, we can change the world.


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