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Space Power Amplifiers with Higher Frequencies and Faster Speeds

Akash Systems' power amplifiers use Diamond Cooling to ensure your systems have resilient and sustainable high-speed performance

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The product

Diamond Cooling is mandatory in the vacuum of space. It enables superior thermal conductivity, so our amplifiers excel in high-speed, high-frequency applications.

Akash Systems’ Radio


Thermal conductivity


More Energy Efficiency


more peak power

Power Amplifiers Product Datasheet

For a comprehensive overview of Power Amplifiers technology specifications and benefits, download the Product datasheet.



Superior Heat Extraction

Diamond Cooling enables high-power performance with unparalled thermal management.

Enhanced Efficiency

Achieve higher efficiencies for peak performance with less heat.

Resilient Design

Tested for endurance our amplifiers promise reliable, long-term functionality

Custom Engineering

We provide customizable amplifiers to meet specific client needs

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Drive High-Frequency Excellence with Diamond Cooling

Akash Systems’ Power Amplifiers, push the boundaries of what’s possible in high-frequency, high-power applications. Rely on our devices for resilient, efficient, and cutting-edge amplification that powers your mission-critical operations

HAVE AN idea for how Diamond Cooling can change the world?

We value innovation and creativity. Do you have a groundbreaking idea for Diamond Cooling? Share it with us, and together, we can change the world.


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