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July 21, 2021
Satellite Radios
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Akash Demonstrates World’s Fastest X-band Satellite Radio

Akash Demonstrates World’s Fastest X-band Satellite Radio
Akash Systems
Akash Systems

Akash Systems Demonstrates 650 Mbps Data Transmission from Palm-Sized Satellite Radio

High-Speed Data Transmission

Akash has transmitted data at 650 Mbps from a palm-sized Satellite radio. The radio has been designed for Earth Observation, and other sensing applications.

Demonstration and Specifications

San Francisco, July 21, 2021 – Akash Systems, Inc. today announces that it has successfully demonstrated an X/S-band satellite radio capable of transmitting data at a datarate of 650 Mbps – the fastest known datarate from a palm-sized package within a bandwidth of 120MHz. Actual size will vary with customer requirements. Akash is currently taking orders for delivery in 4-6 months.

The radio is designed to transmit data at X-band (8-8.4GHz) and receive at S-band (2.0-2.1GHz). The radio consumes less than 25W DC during transmission while producing RF output power of 2-5W. A DVB-S2X modulation protocol has been implemented in the transmitter. The 650 Mbps datarate was clocked using 128 APSK modulation.

Innovative Technology

At the heart of the Akash satellite radio is a proprietary new semiconductor material, Gallium Nitride (GaN)-on-Diamond. Combining GaN with synthetic diamond, the world’s most thermally conductive material, Akash addresses the core issue in satellite performance today – that ~70% of satellite system power is wasted as heat. Akash’s technology leads to satellites with many times faster radio data rates, lower costs, and reduced size, weight, and power consumption.

Customization and Future Plans

“We are ready to take orders and will be happy to customize according to a customer’s requirements,” says CEO and co-founder Felix Ejeckam. “We are scheduled to launch this radio into a LEO orbit and garner flight heritage next year.”

The radio is typically used for earth observation and sensing applications from LEO orbits, although a wide range of applications can be accommodated.

About Akash Systems

Akash Systems is a venture-backed San Francisco-based start-up focused on developing radios and satellites with the world’s fastest data speeds that connect all of humanity. The company was founded in 2016 by Felix Ejeckam and Ty Mitchell. For more information, please contact

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